The main mission for the Confident Mums Collective is that no mum lies in bed at night worry herself silly. Through our community and coaching programmes we aim to teach mums the tools to handle anything life throws at them and to become confident in themselves and their ability so they can create the life they dream of. 

Who am I and how can I help you? 

I’m Eloise or El, I live on our farm in Wales with my two young sons, George who is 7 and Arthur who is 3. I’m a single mum and proud to be providing for my boys and giving them the life they deserve. I am never happier than when out walking around the countryside with my dogs. I have a small heard of Shetland Ponies and a Welsh Section D named Red Comet. I love to travel, read thriller books although I’m terrified of horror films and watching Friends is a sure way to pick me up. 

The idea for the Confident mums Collective came to me one night, I was coming out of controlling and toxic relationship, my ex had took our business with him so I was left with no way to make money and two young boys to support. I remember lying there wondering how I was going to pay up coming bills. Then thanks to the work I had be doing on my mindset, I thought how lucky I am. I have the fully support of my parents, so no matter what my children will always have a roof over their head, food and clean clothes. There are lots of other mums who don’t know where there children’s next meal is coming from. 

This made me feel so much better about my situations and help me pick myself up and move forward to create the life for me and my boys that we now have. 

It made me want to help other mums to have these tools to be confident, happy and thriving. By helping them become confident and to grow their self worth so they can handle anything life throws at them and to purposely create an amazing life for themselves and their family. 

I am a:

  • Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) Coach and Practitioner.
  • Time Lime Therapy Practitioner.
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner.


If you are currently feeling lost and like you’ll never get out of the rut your stuck in, then you are in the right place.

I know this because I’ve been where you are and the knowledge and methods I teach are what got me through it and out into a place where I love my life again and look forward to all the amazing things that I know are coming to me.

I’m able to be more present with my children, whilst providing for them.

Whether you want support to start or build your own business or you want to work on your mindset to get your confidence back then this is perfect for you.

The 4 ways I can help you

1;1 coaching

Facebook group

Youtube channel- Coming soon! Watch this space.


Client Testimony 

I had the most fabulous coaching today with Eloise. We have worked through lots of ideas and suggestions to keep my business going forward during lockdown. It was so good to be able to talk about how to use social media positively to promote your business. If anyone is thinking about having some coaching, I cannot recommend Eloise highly enough. 

Jill Johnson


Are you excited to transform your life? If so, then take action and get in contact with me today!


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