7 benefits of working with me

Are you stuck in a rut and not sure how to get out of it, but your worried that now isn’t the best time to invest in a coach. You may be on the fence about working with me to help your to grow your business, but still have a few reservations.  If that’s the case I’ve compiled a list of the benefits that come with working with me;

1- My investments and knowledge- 

I didn’t just wake up one day and decide I wanted to become a mindset coach. I began my career by gaining a degree in Equine behaviour and training, I worked in sales for 6 years before becoming self employed. I set up and ran two successful business, within the equine industry. I started working on my mindset back in 2019 and have since invested a lot of time and money in courses and my own coaches. I have also trained to become a NLP practitioner, all of the knowledge I’ve learnt can be passed down for you to benefit from.

2- Accountability

You can consume all the free content and training available online but if you don’t do the inner work you wont see any changes. In my experience when you have invested money in a coach you have more at stake as you want to see a return on the money you have put in. I will always be there to give you that push you need to do the work and make the changes.

3- Support and guidance

From someone who has been where you are, lacking in confidence and filled with self doubt. I can give you the support and guidance to overcome this based on my experience. As a NLP Practitioner I have many amazing techniques which can help you to remove limiting beliefs and help you to build your confidence.

4- Someone to run ideas by-

When your growing your business there will be times when you want to talk to someone else and run ideas past someone else. With my coaching programs as well as our regular zoom calls you get unlimited access to me via email or whatsapp.

5- Your own cheerleader-

I know how hard it is at times to believe in yourself, I will be here to be your biggest fan and to tell you how amazing and talented you are until your ready to believe it your self. (Which you will, as that’s what my programs focus on),

6- Someone to call you out on your bs-

Yep you heard me right, there will be days when you start to doubt yourself and question what your trying to do. You’ll start believing that little voice in your head telling you you can’t do this. I will be there to stop those thoughts in there track, remind you how amazing your are and get you back into thinking positively.

7-  An objective view-

Its hard to look at your own business objectively when you have some much emotion invested in it. I can be there to help you see things from different angles.

As you can see there as so many fantastic benefits of working with me to improve your mindset to grow an amazing business.

If you’ve been thinking of working with me and want to chat further about how I can help Id love for you to get in contact with me today.


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