My top mum hacks for returning to school.

We have just had 6 weeks out of routine if your like me, it means later nights, later getting up times, and a lot less of a structured routine.

Then this week its all back to normal and we all have to some how fall back into the routine, or if your a first time school mum it seem all a little to overwhelming.

My morning routine is vital to keeping my mindset in check and my stress levels low, if my mornings are chaotic it ruins the rest of my day. By getting the school run done without shouting and tears is only going to help have a calm and productive day. Look out for a blog post all about my morning routine,

Here are my top 10 tips I’ve found have really helped since I’ve been a school mum.

1- If you can get enough uniform for a new set everyday or what I do is have three sets, so I can do a wash on Wednesday for the remainder of the week. I get all their PE kit, anything they need for clubs already on the Sunday ready for the week ahead.

2- Sort things the night before. The days when I don’t do this they are chaotic. I make sure the uniform is all out, including socks and shoes. Bags and lunch boxes are packed, water bottles filled. Any forms are signed and the most important for me, my car keys are by the door. The amount of times I have been late is because I have forgot where I have put my keys.

3- If you child has school lunches, set a reminder each week to book and pay for them. I set mine for every Sunday evening.

4- If they have a pack lunch, plan you food shop so you have enough for the week. I always book a delivery slot for Sunday, I  then put stuff that’s for lunches on the top shelf of the fridge so it can’t be eaten before hand.

5- When you get letters sent home or if like us its sent via an app. Make sure you put in straight in your diary, so it cant be forgotten, and plan in advance if you need to buy an outfit or bring anything in.

6- Label everything, the amount of times my son had lost misplaced something. This year I have brought a stamp with their name on to make it easier than having to write on everything.

7- Plan to leave before you actually have to. Mornings are mental in my house, some days its a battle just to get my son to put his shoes on, especially if he feels rushed. Its better to be early than having to run to the door.

8- For younger children write their morning routine out so they know whats needs to be done. Brush teeth, get dressed, do you hair, put your shoes on.

9- Get up before your children, so you can have a cup of tea and do what you need to do in the morning before everyone starts demanding your attention.

10- If they need snack money or money for trips or clubs. Get it out at the weekend so your not running around in the morning trying to find change.

I hope these have been helpful for you, I’d love to know any hacks you have that I’ve not mentioned.

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