How your mindset is your most powerful tool

How your mindset is your most powerful tool-

When you learn how to channel your thoughts and create a positive mindset this can become your most powerful tool, because how you direct your thoughts determines how you experience your life.

Our minds are great in that our thoughts can make us feel amazing but this can also work the other way and if allowed our thoughts can actually make us feel pretty terrible.

If you go round daily, picking up on all the negativity and bad things happening around you, then you are going to constantly experience more of that, because are thoughts become our reality.

If you are able to learn, to change your way of thinking, if you start to practice gratitude and looking for the good in every situation then you are going to start experiencing and receiving more good things into your life.

How does this work then?

Well your mind controls your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality.

Your mindset is basically how your mind thinks, perceives, interprets and reacts to situations. So depending on your mindset you can approach a situation from a positive, inspired and problem solving angle or you can come at it from a negative, defeated or discouraged place.

Your mind is where everything begins. Its where your thoughts are founded, they become emotions, which lead to actions and behaviours. So depending on which place your thoughts are coming from determines the actions and behaviours you carry out, which in turn effects how you reality is.

So depending on where you mindset is will determine whether you see a situation as frustrating and challenging or will you embrace it, learn from it and take as much from it as possible.

If you can gain control of your thoughts and live with a positive mindset then your reality is going to reflect this. You will notice more positive things occurring in your life. So, from this you can see what a powerful tool your mindset really is.

There are a number of ways in which you can begin to start creating a more positive mindset;

  • Practice gratitude
  • Journaling to help you understand where your limiting or negative thoughts came from and to help work through whether they are true or not.
  • By being aware of your thoughts and when you do have negative ones quickly stop them and reframe them into positive ones.
  • Affirmations

Over the next few weeks I will go into each of the above in more detail so make sure to check back every Thursday.

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