What do I mean when I talk about Mindset?

When you say mindset a lot of people automatically think it just means being a positive person, and while it does mean this it also means a who lot more.

It means working on being in control of your mind and your thoughts, so you can put a stop to any negative thoughts you have and changing them for positive ones. This alone has the ability to change your life and how you view your world.

Its about being in control of the story’s you tell yourself and the language you use to describe yourself both in your mind and when you speak to others. And its about being kind to yourself and being your own biggest supported.

It means being able to handle any situation life throws at you, at some point in our life we are going to have to deal with hard situations. Having a strong mindset means you are able to look for the positives and find a way forward without falling apart. My 11 year relationship ended really badly, but I was able to pick myself up and I went out and created a new life for myself, prior to mindset work I think I really would have struggle, To be fair if I hadn’t of started mindset work I think I would still be in the relationship, being treated appallingly and very unhappy. The things I had done had built up myself worth making me realised I deserved more and I didn’t need to put up with being treated how I was, it gave me the strength to make the changes.

Its about creating habits and routines that are going to support you in creating the life you want and having the discipline to stick to them religiously. My routine are set to support me in creating my day go how I want it to, not  letting things just happen to me.  They help me improve areas of my life I struggle with, manly my confidence. I know if I skip this for any reason, my confidence and belief in myself starts to slip, and every other area of my life becomes more chaotic.

Its about creating a belief in yourself and not needing reassurance from anyone else, that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I would always need someone else to tell me what to do as I didn’t believe my own judgement, now I 100% trust in my ability and judgement.

It also refers to whether you have a growth or a fixed mindset, if you have a fixed mindset your not willing to change, believe that everyone else is responsible for your happiness, (this actually requires its own blog post, coming soon). But a person who has managed to create a growth mindset knows that we can change our situation and that we and we alone are responsible for our own happiness.

Since working on my mindset my confidence levels have soared. Prior to this I would rely post a photo of myself, if I did I’d have to have one of my children or a pet with me. Now I happily speak to the camera and post videos of myself. I was so concerned with how others viewed me I held back from doing so many things. I now know longer care what anyone thinks about me and I put myself out there so much more. I would never have believed I could set my own business up.

In all honestly I would hate to see how my life would be now if I hadn’t come across the concept of mindset, it has changed my life beyond what I could have ever dreamed of. That’s why I am doing what I do because I want to help other mums to realise what is possible for them and help them transform their lives as well.

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